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Predicting results is a favourite past time for sport fans. Everyone thinks they know best when it comes to forecasting victories or defeats. Sometimes the heart rules the head and othertimes it's the opposire.

In an not-too-serious to join the detbate, we are Cardiff RFC Fans have developed an algorithm designed to forecast results. It utilises the current data in our data base:-

  • 13219 match results
  • 370 referee profiles

Leaning heavily on the work done by Rugby Numbers and Rugby Vision this algorith is comprised of three seperate elements - the defensive and attacking records of the home and away teams over the past 'x' games (weighted by the relative strenght or weakness of the opposition) and the relative propensity of the referee to favour home teams with his decisions.

This process is very much in its infancy, but we hope it provides fuel for debate amonst rugby fans everywhere.

Click here to see our accuracy rate so far.

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