9 September, 2000

Sardis Road

Spectators: 7,500

Rob Dickson
our man of the match
Neil Jenkins
Craig Morgan (1)
Neil Jenkins (1)
Neil Jenkins (6)
Neil Jenkins (1)

We came, we saw not a great deal but we conquered. The only pain at the house of pain was in the sweat house before the game. God it was hot in there! Couldn't wait to get outside! Then more pain - a delayed kick off.

When the teams finally made their entrance, predictably Cardiff ran on to boos, by now the pitch was very wet and the rain persistent. It did not take a genius to work out what the game plan was going to be. Ponty, as they always do, started much the better but had very little to show for their possession apart form a Lee Jarvis penalty. Cardiff tackled well and Ponty never looked like scoring a try.

A missed penalty by Lee, before Jenks leveled the scores. As with every game this season the scrum was yet again a mess with the ref not knowing what was what, although Spencer didn't seem to be enjoying himself. Delaying the put in, round ninety, more than once, pushing before the ball was in, we had it all.

Yet another Jenks penalty put Cardiff 6 -3 up before Lee missed another. Thank God for Cardiff that Ponty did not use the more reliable Brett Davey a natural fullback - unlike Gareth who is not! The Ponty man might have made the score a little different at half time. With very little rugby on show and both defences tackling well Cardiff led 6-3 at the half time whistle - don't know where Mr Dickson found an extra five minutes from though.

Into the second half and a Lee Jarvis penalty leveled the scores, but you can rely on Ponty and sure enough they delivered. More penalties for a man who just does not know the meaning of the word miss.

Then the first of three players to see yellow, Brett Cockbain for what I do not know. With Ponty down to 14, Cardiff failed to take advantage and the only reward we got was a Jenks drop goal.

Then off went Humph and Michael Owen, Humph for killing the ball and Owen for taking the law into his own hands. 14 play 13 then 14 play 14, Andrew at prop, hooker, prop - all a mess really! Another Jenks penalty and the game was well and truly won.

The only other points of note were a charge down by Rob that found touch close to the line, and a disallowed try for Dan for running into his own player.

Then with about ten minutes to go my entrance fee was rewarded with a brilliant piece of individual magic from the new addition to GH's squad. With Ponty now trying for a consolation, Lee Jarvis kicked to the corner for Lenny Woodard to chase. Up popped Craig to gather the ball (Okay so he did call for a mark but as any schoolboy is told, play the whistle) and off he went like a train passing Sidoli (don't they make nice ice cream) a chip over Johnson - Ponty's winger - and the ball ran perfectly over the line for Craig to dive on it. Jenks did what the try deserved and converted from the touch line. 25-6. Another penalty just to rub it in and away we went with a win.

Now for the real test, bring on the Port.

Can anybody tell us how long Andrew played at hooker then at prop? Over to you Statto.

Thanks to Steve Brown for his match report.

Gareth Thomas
Nick Walne
Jamie Robinson
Pieter Muller
Craig Morgan
Neil Jenkins
Robert Howley
Greg Kacala
Owain Williams
Dan Baugh
Mike Voyle
John Tait
Spencer John
Jon Humphreys
Gary Powell