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2014-5: A Season’s Preview

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So much has changed since the end of last season and yet so much has remained the same. Whilst the WRU still block the progression of the professional game by underpaying for services from RRW and overpaying for services from Barclays Bank, the future of the professional game remains in the balance. Will Wales have proper professional teams or will they pay lip service to the idea that a strong professional game will ensure a strong international team? And, perhaps more importantly, who still actually cares? The impasse has gone on so long that many have just given up on it.

Add to that fact that we are still stuck in the ProSiambles league spawned by the dreadful Celtic Accord, things are looking gloomy. However, there is a shining light of hope that has been delivered by the appointment of Mark Hammett from New Zealand.  Let’s be honest, he has joined the club at the best possible time as it can only be onwards and upwards from the dreadful reign of Phil Davies but further hope was provided by his first signing being a new Strength and Conditioning Coach – Paul Downes.  We had banged on so often last year about the lack of physicality in the Cardiff team and how it was so negatively affecting the team, so the good news is that somebody else also had spotted this obvious fact.

But before we look into the future, we must first mention Owen Williams and his terrible accident.  “Stay Strong for Ows” is the caption and we all buy into that and wish him well for his future. We certainly hope to see him back at CAP some day soon.

Along with Hammett has come, so far, another couple of Kiwis – Jarrod Hoeata and Welshman Kiwi Gareth Anscombe.  The former is a player who will come in very useful if they can decide whether he is a lock or a blindside, the latter will probably spend more time with Team Wales than with Cardiff. Hoeata will land soon in Wales, but Anscombe won’t be here until the end of October.

The other key new signings (again, so far, as there are a number of non-Welsh spaces available) include Tavis Knoyle, George Watkins, Manoa Vosawai, Josh Turnbull, Craig Mitchell and some ex-Pontypridd players. In one way these signings offer a hope of improvement on last season because of the concentration on season-long available players but the lack of quality of signing means that there must be a number of new non-Welsh qualified signings to make up the shortfall.

To succeed at ProSiambles level requires the very basics of rugby – a simple but effective set piece, a good kicking game, players to get over the gain line and a consistency of selection. With the signings made over the summer (including the coaching staff) there is a hint that those basics could be in place. However, so many new signings means that time must be given and we probably won’t be seeing the “proper” Cardiff until about Christmas time, just before the best players leave to play International Rugby…….

That said, we should see an improvement on last season. We should see more games won (because of a better conditioned and more settled squad) and we should see a progression into the knockout stages of the European Mickey Mouse Cup as only London Irish stand in the way of that. The question is whether Cardiff will qualify for the proper competition through their finish in the ProSiambles, but it is too soon to judge that with so many new ingredients into the team. There’s righteous optimism in place, but it’s very cautious.

First Choice 23 (will it ever be seen?):

Anscombe, Cuthbert, Allen, Hewitt, Watkins, Patchell, Williams, Vosawai, Jenkins, Turnbull, Hoeata, Paulo, Mitchell, Rees, Jenkins

Filise, Dacey, Andrews, Reed, Navidi, Knoyle, Fish, Smith

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