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Who the hell are the bloos?

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It seems as though the dictat from the WRU is for the media to refer to each professional team in Wales solely by it’s nickname, rather than it’s full title. The Western Mail is full of gaffs on this subject: constantly writing Blues and then slipping the word “club” into the article, but the club themselves are also slipping into the style by writing just Blues on the web site and other material.

Indeed, the confusion over the name of the team that plays at Rodney Parade led the new Chief Executive to issue his own press release detailing how the press should refer to the team. Of course, they have mostly ignored it and followed the line from Moffett of just using the nicknames. It is also alleged that, when meeting with the disgruntled Warriors supporters after their shutdown, Moffett instructed those guys that all the teams will only be known by their nicknames.

So here is the problem: the media and politically correct public relations lot are following Moffett’s line and only using the nickname of the team.

This leads to an important question that all stakeholders and shareholders in Cardiff RFC must ask themselves: what damage is being done to my investment by this naming and reporting? It’s quite obvious that removing the name “Cardiff” from the team will do commercial damage to the club. If they become known in the popular press and media as just the “Blues” then it is difficult to see what the company represents, where it is based and how it can benefit any potential investors or sponsors. More importantly, it throws away a strong brand name established over the past 128 years.

There is no distinguishing the “Blues” from Chelsea (nicknames the Blues) or even the Auckland Blues. The club has sacrificed a global brand – Cardiff RFC – for a South Wales, media generated brand. Only in a narrow strip around the M4 will the word “Blues” ever hope to mean a rugby team playing in Cardiff. To the rest of the rugby world, the “Blues” play in Auckland. Since when did Cardiff become a pale imitation of some NZ team which has only recently come into existence (a long seven years after CRFC was born)? Rebranding in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but to pick a brand name already in use by another rugby team is ludicrous!

Without doubt it has long been the WRU’s aim to maximise revenue for themselves and impoverish the clubs (depriving the clubs of their best players, no reward/compensation for clubs who provide players for the national side, a suicidal TV contract that puts short term financial gain over the long term development of the sport). But if Moffett and the WRU-puppies in Thomson House and Llandaff are affecting the financial future of the club, who will speak out? Is the political pressure that the club is succumbing to also affecting the commercial viability of the club? Is the Board at the club defending the clubs shareholders, or merely capitulating to Moffett driven media-pressure?

We would reason that this naming issue is affecting the club and is affecting the marketability of that global rugby name – “Cardiff”. The correct name of the team is the Cardiff Blues, not just the Blues. It represents Cardiff, is owned by Cardiff RFC, plays in Cardiff and is supported by Cardiff. It should be the focal point for rugby supporters in and around the City and it should be using the famous name of Cardiff Rugby for its own benefit. Instead, it is allowing the press and the Union to ruin the identity and dilute the brand. Once more, instead of rewarding excellence, the structure of Welsh rugby says if one is weak, everyone must be weak. If some clubs are forced to amalgamate because they lack the financial clout to survive alone – everyone must surrender their identity.

This must not be allowed to continue. It is time for Peter Thomas to take control of the issue and ensure the club is referred to as Cardiff. Indeed, dropping the Blues altogether would be extremely beneficial, even replacing Blues with “Rugby” if a subtitle is needed. This is the only way to secure the brand, to increase commercial interest and to protect our invested moneys. After all, that is their job.

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