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You won’t win anything with kids ….

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Dear Dai Young

On a day we should be all celebrating the excellent news (see The Times On Line) that Welsh teams are proposing a cross border league with our friendly clubs in England, you drop this bombshell.

Your constant selection of one or two players is now beginning to stink – is there a clique being formed? Why is the Neath game going ahead, when 6 of our bois are involved with the National team?

Let’s start with the selection of a certain Mr Rogers at loose head. Against Biarritz he was constantly last up from any ruck he bothered to get to and then stayed out in the backs without making the effort to make the next ruck.

Is that what you want from your forwards, Dai? Perhaps we could forgive you if the rucking of the Cardiff team was up to scratch, but it is not. This season we have seen how excellent our back line can be with quick ball (thank you Mr John) and how ineffective with slow ball.

Of course the back row is so important when it comes to creating quick ball and protecting what little ball we win. This season has seen woeful protection of the scrum half at rucks and how interesting it has been to see Mr Appleyard standing out in the back line as another turnover goes against us. That is, of course, if he hasn’t knocked the ball on.

Last weeek’s Man of the Match had to be the excellent McShane who showed enthusiasm and vigour when he appeared. Compare this with the apathy showed by the above mentioned players. What message does this give to Dan McShane? That no matter how well he plays, however much enthusiasm and skill he displays, he will not make even the bench for the next game? The same for Payne, who has superb effort levels and is really keen to impress – as you stated.

And then we look at the referee for this Saturday’s encounter – Mr Damage!!!! Mr Homer extraordinaire!!! The most pedantic and whistle happy Scotsman you will meet. So you pick Cardiff’s two biggest penalty machines????!?!?! Rogers and Appleyard aregood for 9 opposition points every week.

Which leads us on to Yellow Cards. We all know Mr Rogers liking for these, but how Appleyard stayed on the pitch in Ulster we will never know. Is this how the club rewards its players for misdemeanours?

Journalists in Wales harp on about how great it is to see Cardiff giving young talent and young homegrown talent a go at last. They conveniently ignore the most important part of the team – the pack! This is your responsibility Mr Young and the selections are not showing improvement.

It is rumoured that many of our backline are out of contract at the end of this season. Perhaps it will be wise for them to move on to a club where they will see the ball and all the good work done by those wishing to see an Anglo-Welsh league will be undone by the poor showing of Cardiff’s forwards.

Please prove us wrong Mr Young. Please tell us that Payne and McShane are injured and unavailable for selection, because the “official” site feed us fans no information.

Yours in Hope of a Cohesive Pack

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