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Can Cardiff still win this season’s Village League?

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With a woeful try count and a season peppered with half-hearted displays, it says much for the alleged strength of the Village League that we’re still in with a chance of winning the title. However, with Newport showing signs of peaking and Swansea facing a very difficult run in to the season, there is there still a faint possibility of working a miracle?

Of the three teams tussling for the title, Cardiff have the easiest run in with only the small matter of Swansea at home and Llanelli away obstructing the chance to pile up the points – Cross Keys (A), Swansea (H), Caerphilly (A), Cross Keys (H), Llanelli (A), Caerphilly (H). This will give us a maximum possible 18 points to add to our present 33 points = 51 points

As for Newport, they too have a relatively easy run in, other than games against Swansea in St Helens and a difficult away trip to Glasgow with their “neutral” refs – Glasgow (H), Swansea (A), Caerphilly (H), Cross Keys (A), Glasgow (A). Win all these games and Newport too will finish the season with 51 points.

And so to the Mighty Whites, the team with the most impressive try count but the most difficult run in – Cardiff (A), Newport (H), Bridgend (A), Glasgow (H), Cross Keys (A), Neath (H). And then they may have that bastion of fair play, the WRUin, to thank for a tough Village Cup run in.

If Cardiff produce a miracle (on recent form!) and win against Swansea in Cardiff, then suddenly the picture looks very different. Newport too could conceivably win in St Helens, and suddenly we have three teams all with 51 points!

We all have to get behind Bridgend when Swansea visit the Brewery Field – that could be the crucial game for Cardiff.

Let’s not get too carried away here though because of the Mighty Whites prolific try scoring feats they are still favourites for the title. They can even afford to lose two of their remaining fixtures to their closest rivals, because of their vastly superior try count. Cardiff are going to have to rattle up the tries in the Cross Keys and Caerphilly games – something that is not beyond them, but on present form, unlikely. And then there’s the small matter of having to win at Stradey on the last day of the season, with an impartial referee, no doubt. Especially as Llanelli may have to win to secure a place in Europe – do you still have your boots, Mr Bevan?

Either way, expect a very tight finish this year, with try count likely to play a vital part in deciding where the title goes.

The message is that we all need to get behind the bois for every remaining game of the season. Forget Yoda, forget the disappointments of the European campaign, forget the fixers in the WRUin, let’s get out there and make some noise! Come on the bois!!!

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