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No Celtic League next season

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With all the concentration on the incompetance of Gethin, Peter Owens, Trevor James, David Pickering and yes – unfortunately – Graham Henry we’ve all failed to notice that the Irish Rugby Union has rejected a Celtic League next season.

If players are dropped for poor performances and not winning points for Wales in the Six Nations, what sanction should this gang of five suffer for their incompetance and amatuer approach to checking players’ eligability?

So within the space of a year, the WRU has precided over the decimation of a winning squad and failed to deliver a competitive structure for next season.

Why do we need this bunch of parasites? Their rank incompetance is destroying our national game and making us a laughing stock on the world stage. Their abysmal organisational skills have produced an imbalanced domestic league where overweight and overpaid players are not capable of competiting with the best in Europe, let alone the world. And where has that 14 million gone …..?

Our only hope is with club leaders with business sense who can run our clubs on a professional basis. Whilst the heart of those running clubs like Neath is to be admired on one hand – putting their hand in their pockets to help the club – this is surely not the answer. Professionalism in Wales is not only lacking on the pitch – it is clearly lack in off it as well!

We need a system where players and administrators are accountable to the fans – for it is we who pay their wages. All power to a Welsh Supporters Association!

Whilst in the wake of the string of defeats we’ve suffered this year, many people have said “we’re simply not good enough”, no one seems to have worked out why the same players who beat South Africa have fallen to such poor levels this year.

The answer is clear. It’s the lack of real domestic competition. So-called “top games” this season have been woeful in the standard of rugby played. Players can coast along 2 stone heavier than they should be (where are all those people who said Pies Snr would play Dillydallyo off the pitch?) in the Village League, but against AD Premiership players, they can’t handle the pace.

Last year, our players were either in the AD Premiership playing rugby for English clubs (Howarth, Bateman, Rogers, Pies Snr and Jnr) or playing against them (Thomas, Taylor, Howely, Charvis, Young, Jenkins).

The WRU are to blame for this defeat. They had the opportunity to have five teams in a British League this year and they turned it down. Now the chance may be lost forever as the English say “why do we need Welsh clubs?”.

Without a British League, Welsh rugby is destined for the second division.

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