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No respect

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So Wales’ World Cup dream has finally come to a crushing end. The squad gave their best, but were beaten by clearly the better team. It was a shame that refereeing decisions marred such a big occasion. Though we’ve mentioned the woeful standard of domestic referees on this page before, it was disappointing to see a global fall in standards.

Now that the World Cup’s over for Wales, we’re now all aching to see Cardiff’s first XV bannish the memories of Stradey and turn on some real rugby prior to the start of the European campaign.

On the team that has fought its way to only four points behind the present league leaders (who still have to play us in two four pointers, home and away), players likeSteve Williams and Paul Burke have done us proud in the absense of so many first team players.

It was very disappointing to see that despite Owain Williams appalling lack of respect for the punters who pay his wages, his obscene jesture to a fan at Caerphilly went unpunished. This comes as little suprise though, and it was rediculous – but wholely predictable – that Robert Norster and other back room faceless individuals have done nothing to fine or suspend Mr Williams. Such indiscipline and arrogance will store up trouble for future amateur performances.

We are disappointed with your lack of respect for the fans.

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