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Conflict over co-operation

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With the season kicking off with Newport’s biggest crowd since BBC Radio Wales were impartial, Cardiff’s season kicked off with a whimper. As predicted, a lack of firepower up front resulted in the first loss of the season. With games against Bridgend and the WRU, sorry Llanelli, away to come, September looks like being a miserable month for us. More pain and little gain.

Although Cardiff missed 13 of the their first choice players, what was most disappointing about the afternoon was the lack of high class rugby that we got used to when watching Cardiff play away last season. OK, so most of the class was coming from the opposition last season, but at least we got more “ball-in-play-rugby-minutes” for our money.

The Welsh Village League is overly controlled by sub-standard referees who far from trying to keep the game flowing and enable the crowd to get their money’s worth, they want to impose their “presence” on the game. In short, they think they are bigger than the players. Pains us as it does to say this, Gareth Jenkins, one of the best coaches in Wales, called it right when he voiced concern over the lack of communication between coaches and referees so far this season.

Instead of aiming to improve the entertainment value of rugby and improve standards, referees seem to still want to maintain the school-teacher approach to refereeing – conflict over co-operation.

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