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Welsh rugby needs more investors

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With more big money signings by Newport, it’s good to see that our traditional rivals are building a squad that will take them into the British League in the autumn of next year.

Far from wishing they’d rot in hell (as a certain ex-coach of Newport wished on our club), the more high class players that play for the opposition, the more meaningfull games we’ll see.

For too many years, domestic (nee village) rugby in Wales meant an opposition playing negative rugby with matches plagued by inept referees only interested in raising their profile.

With a stronger Newport next year all we need is referees whose decisions are made with the spectator in mind, and not their own publicity, and we may get value for money from our season tickets.

What we need are officials who reward teams who try to move the ball wide, and penalise teams who constantly slow down the ball at the breakdown.

We don’t want constant scrums when the ball fails to emerge, we want penalties against teams who infringe at the breakdown.

Fast open rugby is the only way forward for Welsh rugby – both at club level and at international level.

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