most tackles missed in one game in the european challenge cup in season 2017-2018
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Top 10 most missed tackles in one game in the European Challenge Cup

total tackles missed by this team in this game
total tackles missed in this game
7715.12.1710Edinburgh78 - 0Krasny Yar67David Wilkinson
5913.01.1822Bordeaux36 - 28Dragons37Craig Maxwell-Keys
5814.10.1737Krasny Yar34 - 29Stade Francais21Ian Davies
5819.01.1837Gloucester24 - 34Pau21John Lacey
5509.12.1724Brive31 - 38Connacht31Craig Maxwell-Keys
5420.01.1822Zebre38 - 30Agen32Vlad Iordescu
5220.01.1839Enisei19 - 33Newcastle13David Wilkinson
5113.01.1823Oyonnax19 - 29Brive28Ian Davies
5114.01.1810Newcastle64 - 7Enisei41Pierre Brousset
5109.12.1720Zebre26 - 33Gloucester31Mike Adamson
The average number of missed tackles during the 2017-2018 season in the European Challenge Cup is 39 All data courtesy of espn.com
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