most points away from home in the Pro14 by season and club
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top 10 worst away performance by season for teams in the Pro14

total points conceded away from home

total points conceded in this season

average points conceded per game

number of games played away from home
how to read this page: In the 2003-4 season, Borders conceded 469 points in the 11 games they played away from home, conceding 62 tries in the process, at an average of 43 points per game.
1Borders2003-2004 season 469114362
2Zebre2016-2017 season 444114061
3Treviso2016-2017 season 409113757
4Zebre2015-2016 season 402113759
5Treviso2014-2015 season 373113447
6Treviso2015-2016 season 364113346
7Borders2004-2005 season 356103641
8Zebre2014-2015 season 351113246
9Treviso2013-2014 season 347113245
10Dragons2012-2013 season 340113140
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