top 10 attendances in wales
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Top 10 attendances featuring a club from Wales played in Wales

since the 2000-2001 season for domestic competitions and since 1996 for european competitions

103-05-09Cardiff26 - 26LeicesterPrincipality Stadium44,212
218-05-02Pontypridd20 - 17ScarletsPrincipality Stadium41,121
313-05-01Newport13 - 8NeathPrincipality Stadium37,000
411-04-09Cardiff9 - 6ToulousePrincipality Stadium36,728
530-04-16Dragons20 - 34ScarletsPrincipality Stadium34,131
630-04-16Cardiff27 - 40OspreysPrincipality Stadium34,131
728-04-18Cardiff23 - 26OspreysPrincipality Stadium31,169
828-04-18Dragons8 - 33ScarletsPrincipality Stadium31,169
915-04-17Dragons16 - 21ScarletsPrincipality Stadium30,321
1015-04-17Cardiff35 - 17OspreysPrincipality Stadium30,321
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