homers in the pro14
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Wed, 23rd Aug, 2017 19:32:53

homers in the pro14

for referees who have officiated at 40 games or more in the pro14

1Alain Rolland6077%
2Leighton Hodges5774%
3Peter Allan4672%
4Marius Mitrea6569%
5Nigel Owens14667%
6John Lacey6263%
7Dudley Phillips6362%
8Peter Fitzgibbon6760%
9George Clancy8658%
10David Wilkinson5258%
11James Jones5457%
12Neil Paterson6356%
13Ian Davies6354%

since the pro14 began, there have been 1910 games player (not including knock out fixtures), 1127 home wins at a ratio of 59%