top officials from England
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England's top officials

click on a officials to see their profile and performance records - grayscale image shows official is no longer active in on-field duties

Wayne Barnes
Paul Burton
Matt Carley
Nigel Carrick
Sara Cox
Clare Daniels
Karl Dickson
Paul Dix
JP Doyle
Wayne Falla
Tom Foley
Greg Garner
Jonathan Healy
Mike Hudson
Andrew Jackson
Fergus Kirby
Rowan Kitt
Adam Leal
Steve Lee
Keith Lewis
Greg Macdonald
Jack Makepeace
Craig Maxwell-Keys
Simon McConnell
John Meredith
Matthew O'Grady
Luke Pearce
Dean Richards
Christophe Ridley
David Sainsbury
Hamish Smales
Lionel Spooner
Ian Tempest
Stuart Terheege
Philip Watters
Tim Wigglesworth
Anthony Woodthorpe
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