most penalised teams
penalties awarded against oyonnax in the top14 during the 2017-2018 season
produced by tom
all tables update automatically as new results are entered to the database
Fri, 16th Nov, 2018 20:07:29
05.05.18Castres54 - 3Oyonnax9Romain PoiteStade Pierre-Fabre
04.28.18Oyonnax39 - 18Lyon9Alexandre RuizStade Charles Mathon
04.14.18Oyonnax40 - 17Brive7Pascal GauzereStade Charles Mathon
04.07.18Agen36 - 21Oyonnax14Jerome GarcesStade Armandie
03.24.18Pau33 - 12Oyonnax7Alexandre RuizStade du Hameau
03.17.18Oyonnax29 - 26Toulon6Romain PoiteStade Charles Mathon
03.10.18Bordeaux20 - 26Oyonnax9Pierre BroussetStade Chaban Delmas
03.04.18Oyonnax33 - 27Stade Francais14Tual TraininiStade Charles Mathon
02.24.18Clermont12 - 18Oyonnax8Julien CastaignedeStade Marcel Michelin
02.17.18Oyonnax30 - 43Montpellier6Jonathan DufortStade Charles Mathon
01.27.18Toulouse37 - 15Oyonnax10Thomas CharabasStade Ernest Wallon
01.06.18Oyonnax38 - 38La Rochelle4Cedric MarchatStade Charles Mathon
12.30.17Oyonnax12 - 16Racing 926Sebastien MineryStade Charles Mathon
12.23.17Toulon49 - 25Oyonnax13Maxime ChalonStade Felix Mayol
12.02.17Brive33 - 30Oyonnax17Mathieu RaynalStade Amedee-Domenech
11.25.17Oyonnax32 - 32Clermont7Alexandre RuizStade Charles Mathon
11.19.17Stade Francais39 - 35Oyonnax5Jerome GarcesStade Jean Bouin
11.04.17Oyonnax19 - 32Castres11Ludovic CayreStade Charles Mathon
10.28.17Lyon52 - 18Oyonnax10Jonathan DufortMatmut Stadium
10.07.17Oyonnax16 - 19Pau11Tual TraininiStade Charles Mathon
09.30.17Oyonnax9 - 39Bordeaux10Maxime ChalonStade Charles Mathon
09.23.17La Rochelle57 - 12Oyonnax10Sebastien MineryStade Marcel Deflandre
09.17.17Racing 9225 - 13Oyonnax10Tual TraininiStade Manoir
09.09.17Oyonnax12 - 10Agen6Julien CastaignedeStade Charles Mathon
09.02.17Montpellier37 - 6Oyonnax11Ludovic CayreGGL Stadium
08.26.17Oyonnax23 - 23Toulouse7Mathieu RaynalStade Charles Mathon
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