cardiff's lowest home attendances
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Fri, 20th Oct, 2017 01:42:01

cardiff's lowest reported home attendances

all matches since 28th November 1995 in europe and since the rebel season in other competitions

104-02-17Worcester38 - 53LSteve Lee1,370
205-02-12Harlequins45 - 40WJames Jones2,093
302-05-03Caerphilly38 - 8WNeil Ballard2,500
427-05-03Bridgend27 - 13WColin Saunders2,500
507-02-99Bedford57 - 14W2,500
617-08-02Bourgoin21 - 14WNigel Whitehouse2,500
713-11-04Glasgow24 - 19WGeorge Clancy2,799
827-10-96Milan41 - 19WBernard Perez3,000
929-08-03Northampton6 - 29LPaul Adams3,000
1029-08-15Dragons28 - 35LIan Davies3,164
1128-01-05Edinburgh12 - 17LAlan Lewis3,200
1218-12-04Leinster6 - 15LMalcolm Changleng3,300
1305-03-05Munster30 - 20WMike Hall3,350
1423-05-03Scarlets28 - 27WPaul Adams3,500
1531-05-03Pontypridd30 - 21WNigel Williams3,500
1610-10-03Leinster22 - 3WDavid Changleng3,500
1713-09-03Connacht33 - 17WRob Dickson3,500
1824-08-02Bath12 - 10WClayton Thomas3,500
1910-02-01Bridgend19 - 24LPaul Adams3,500
2027-02-04Borders59 - 13WMarshall Kilgore3,510