best welsh results in france
produced by tom
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Sat, 19th Aug, 2017 07:15:15

welsh clubs' biggest* wins in france in france

109-12-16Grenoble7 - 59OspreysMarius Mitrea
224-01-15Grenoble3 - 28CardiffDavid Wilkinson
322-10-16Lyon13 - 31OspreysAndy Brace
419-01-07Bayonne15 - 32DragonsStefano Mancini
519-12-15Pau17 - 34DragonsAndy Brace
618-10-14Stade Francais22 - 38DragonsLuke Pearce
714-10-00Colomiers6 - 19ScarletsIain Ramage
821-10-06Bourgoin5 - 13CardiffChris White
920-01-08Bourgoin21 - 28OspreysWayne Barnes
1023-05-10Toulon21 - 28CardiffAlain Rolland
*sorted by winning margin